How to get around Los Angeles the Easy Way using Lyft and Uber

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L.A. is an absolutely massive city with a reputation of horrendous traffic, a poor transit system, and expensive cab fares-not exactly every travelers dream.

On the flip side L.A. has restaurants on every corner, a seriously ahead of its time bar and cocktail scene, stunning beaches, 300 days of sunshine, and an immense diversity that allows visitors to really experience anything they set their eyes on, (or stomachs).

L.A. is a fucking cool city that you really need to see to believe, and difficulty getting around town shouldn't stop you from visiting and ultimately having the kind of experience you want when you arrive there. 

Considering the obvious options it's either try your hand at roughing it on the transit system, or renting a car and braving the freeways yourself. 

With the combo'd stories of gridlock, freeways and vast neighborhoods-let's be real, renting a car sounds stressful and limiting, (not to mention then you can't enjoy a bar hop, or day drinking on Venice, because you'll have your car there to worry about). 

Fear not fellow lushes- ride share is dominating in L.A. and is so accessible it's scary. 

With the addition of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, travelers can now make the most out of this amazing city without bending their wallet to do so. If you're not from a place that uses ride share, or are new to all the wonders associated with it, (as I was upon arriving to LAX), this how to guide is for you!

P.S. This post is not sponsored. My experiences were so positive with LA ride share I had to pass on the buck with you!

Get Around Los Angeles the easy way

HOW TO get around L.A.The easy way


In case of any technical issues, it's good to have the apps readily available with all of your credit card payment information and profile set up before arriving to the city of Angels. Be sure to include a small bio in your profile and a profile picture. Drivers want to see who is hopping in their car and it gives you a chance to check out them out too. Driver profiles include past passengers reviews and what kind of ride they are rocking. Part of Lyft's driver requirements ensures decently clean autos, (every car we entered was a far improvement of the general state of my own car so that's a plus), and relatively new makes and models seemed to be the norm. Luxury and full sized vehicles are available for a premium cost, but all in all there are many upper mid range vehicles under the regular category that will come to pick you up. 

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Using ride share means you never have to carry cash or worry about paying the driver when you leave the car, the amount is predetermined before you even step foot in their vehicle and comes up on your app screen before you choose your ride. Drive costs increase in busy, populated areas, or at busy times of the day, ie the after the bar closes crowd or during the 5 pm traffic jam, being mindful and planning an exit strategy early can save you a buck or two. 


If your visiting from outside of the US having a data plan is key. The easy/amazing thing about using ride share is you pop in your address before your driver arrives to you, so they already have a route in mind and understand where you are going. Having the addresses of a few key restaurants, neighborhoods and attractions saved in your phone before you go will be essential, but as things change throughout a visit its good to have the flexibility to be able to search for any location using your map app on your phone.

Map Out Your Route before you arrange your next ride

Another simply amazing thing about using ride share is once you punch in your destination you're given an approximate driving time to your next location. You can use the overview map to plan our your day so your taking advantage of your time in L.A. without having to google map everything days in advance. Have a look in the morning and plan a route for your day. Changes to your route are always possible depending on traffic, just check to see how the roads are looking so you don't waste any time. Choose to see attractions etc that are close to one another for one part of the day then jet off to the next section for later. This keeps rides short and cheap. 

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Ask your driver for  recommendations

Ride share drivers are not only locals but they also drive all over L.A. on the reg and know of awesome spots to check out that are off the beaten tourist track. Ask them about neighborhoods, vibes, safety, restaurant and food recommendations- a personal shout out to a friendly Lyft driver named Stephen who's suggestion brought us to the killer fried chicken joint-Gus's World Famous, (pictured here, so good, so tasty). These drivers can provide you with different insights that's what on Trip Advisor top tens or in your guide book. Plus how awesome is it to meet different people from all over one of the most diverse cities in North America! So cool. Not only will you get into interesting conversations but you will learn a lot about what it is like to really live in the city of Angels. 

Remember you're getting rated too

Ride sharing allows both the driver and the passenger to benefit from it's services. So don't forget to treat drivers with respect, tip, (this option comes up after the ride at the same time as rating your driver), and give out those coveted 5 star reviews. The driver will do the same to you, so a little courtesy goes a long way. Drivers and passengers with 5 stars are mostly to get picked up when lots of people are out on the road/waiting for rides. If you fill out little blurbs about them that will help their business even more.


I hope this guide makes you next visit to L.A. a little bit more rosy. Check out the ride sharing app whenever you plan a trip-availability is growing across the world.

Please comment below and let me know what you loved about L.A. or what you plan to see on your next visit. 

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