Hi! Welcome to Eva Goes there

Here You Will Find a socially Conscious, unapologetic,'not your mother's' 

travel blog with purpose

 ideas to make your life both more informed and rewarding, Resulting in AUTHENTIC and aware experiences

 A mix of travel resources aND CULTURAL information

 Eva goes There is your travel GUIDE for MILLENNIALS who aren't afraid to speak their minds, live their fullest life, share ideas, drink way too much wine, and connect with the global community that is this planet

I know you, you're the curious one. You're the one not willing to settle, not wanting to back down. You want to live your life, you want to see this world.

You and I are a lot alike and I'm glad you stopped by.

I created this blog because I, like you, am obsessed with travel and exploration and wanted to share any kind of information I had to help others enjoy the best kind of experiences.

Think of me as that fired up friend who won't shut up about the Mojito's in Tulum, the best way to get weekend flight deals, or how colonialism shaped what is the America's today.  I am all for understanding the history and culture of places all the while enjoying the beauty and tranquillo they offer.

This space is here to share stories and information, invoke ideas, have conversations and drink lots and lots of wine. In creating this page I wanted to connect with the travelers out there that are looking for a different kind of experience. If you're new to travelling, I can help guide you in the right direction. If you're doubting that you have the resources, time, or know how to start moving, I am happy to say yes you can and am here to help you get going. Travel inspiration is the name of the game here and I hope to help you live your best and most filled up life possible. 

I will provide you with travel and wine guides, itineraries and recommendations. I  seek to make you think outside the regular tourist boundaries and safe places that a lot of bloggers stay inside, (just to clarify I'm talking ideas here people-don't worry there won't be any gun slinging anytime soon-unless that's your thing-then go for it).

At Eva Goes There you will also find resources on wine and the industry in a way that makes sense to you.

No pretentious jargon, no suits, none of the stuffy old school ideals that the wine world is for the wealthy and elderly. Not. Even. Close.

We have to eat though too right?

Give me a good taco and I can save the world. Or at least attempt to eat my way through it. Restaurant and street food recommendations are a specialty of mine and here you will find an assortment of my food coma victims, ah-hem, suggestions of where and what to eat.

Lets talk about the people.

Let's talk about the issues. Let's talk about changing the way we travel, let's talk about the people in the places we go to-let's talk about their struggles.

Let's get deep.

If you're in- I'm in.

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy Travels.