about Eva

Hi! I'm Eva the creator of  Eva Goes There. I'm a 30 something travel devotee based in Vancouver, Canada. 

I am not your average vagabond travel blogger who said sayonara long ago to live 24/7 on the road-I have a career in the wine industry, an industry I have a serious passion for. Yet, I am a woman who has an immense desire to discover this planet, it's people and the cultural issues that surround us. All the while enjoying drool worthy meals, staying in one of a kind places and-you guessed it-lapping up numerous bottles of the good stuff. 

***Please note many posts are alcohol and sun fueled and may contain run-on sentences in conjunction with the rambling thoughts of a poorly coordinated, dancing blonde.

I've traveled through Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Mexico, Central America, Canada and the U.S.A. and I'm not even close to done my bucket list yet, (or ever plan to be).

Here I plan to show you travelling the world without giving up your life is possible, and adventure awaits- whether its down the street to your local farm to table, across the world to Asia or south to Mexico, my home away from home.

Although home is Canada my heart is on the road. Join me and discover the ways to keep travel thought provoking, life changing and wine drunk.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ciao for now